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Reltio Earns Marketing Digital Innovation Award for 2021

Posted by Keith Dawson on Aug 12, 2021 3:00:00 AM

The annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards showcase advances in the productivity and potential of business applications, as well as technology that contributes significantly to the improved processes and performance of an organization. Our goal is to recognize technology and vendors that have introduced noteworthy digital innovations to advance business and IT.

VR_14th_Annual_Digital_Innovation_Award_Logo_Winner (1)Ventana Research has awarded Reltio Identity 360 its prestigious 2021 Marketing Digital Innovation Award. This award is given to the vendor that best exemplifies innovation and change for Marketing teams in support of an organization’s ability to maximize its people, processes, information and technology. All finalists in the areas of Marketing expertise were considered for this award.

The demand for more identity resolution tools has rapidly become a priority for every organization that seeks to develop a personalized approach to marketing communications. Marketers are often under pressure to spearhead technology investments that better align marketing experiences with their brand and optimize consumer demand for products and services. This challenge is frequently heightened by a lack of centralized data related to customers and products that could help organizations meet operational and analytics needs. 

Ventana Research selected Reltio for the 14th Annual Marketing Digital Innovation Award for its focus on consolidating and coordinating customer data to allow an organization to work with consistent – and reliable – customer profiles. Reltio’s Identify 360 brings together customer data from all sources, matches, removes duplicates, merges attributes to provide a single source of truth, and creates a universal identifier for the profile for operational and analytical applications.

Reltio is a cloud-based provider of data tools, particularly a master data management platform that controls all data types in real time and at scale. For marketers, being able to organize and work with big data resources is essential to creating effective campaigns and targeting them to the right audiences. Reltio has been at the forefront of work to create centralized customer profiles that allow marketers to be precise with their segmentations and personalize their marketing communications more effectively.

Reltio’s Identity 360 enables contextual, direct-to-consumer marketing and optimizes the business processes behind the scenes. By establishing control over the many data sources that contribute to a customer profile, Reltio makes marketers more efficient: Fewer resources are wasted on duplicate communications, for example. Prospects encounter a more seamless experience when they engage with marketing communications that are better tailored to their preferences. And it is easier for organizations to manage (and measure) customer loyalty and rewards programs with consistent data.

If you have not examined the rationale behind using MDM to organize customer profile data, Reltio’s Identity 360 would be well worth your time. Congratulations, Reltio, for your continued innovation.


Keith Dawson

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Keith Dawson

Written by Keith Dawson

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